FAQ: Cloth Diaper Rentals

  • How do I wash them? The easiest wash we have come up with is a Hot water pre-rinse, add a cloth daipaer safe detergent to a Hot wash and a double cold rinse. Air dry covers or pocket diapers. Dry the inserts or prefolds either air or in the dryer without a dryer sheet.

  • Do you require me to use certain detergent? We will include your first bag of cloth diaper safe detergent. You can choose any detergent you would like as long as you stick with fragrance free detergents, avoiding detergents with whitening enzymes such as Fabricare. Don't use bleach.

  • How many people have used them before my baby? We use all new diapers for our Do-It- Yourself rentals and Traditional diaper services. The exception is prefolds with our tradtional services. They are sanitized and used until we retire them out of the program. Durring your rental however they are assigned only to your address and not used for other families until your service has ended.

  • Do you have a maximum amount of people that use/rent one diaper? Do-It-Yourself rental returns are sold as senconds or donated to charities. Traditional diaper service diapers are retired once no longer effective.

  • Can I buy them if I want to keep them?  Yes. On your first invoice you will get a price of what the diapers would cost if you purchased the entire lot. Your rental will not bill you above that cost. Once you reach the entire bill paid in full you will be send a notice asking if you'd like to keep them or return them. If you choose return it on your own time with no further monthly bills. The benifit is a store credit or cash back oppion is provided.

  • What happens if I stain them? Stains happen. As long as it's normal wear and tear there is no penalty fees.  

  • What if I don't like them & want to return early? You can terminate service when ever you like with a 14 days written or verbal notice. Client remains obligated to pay all unpaid fees and costs accrued through and including the final monthly rental payment period.

  • What do you do with the poop? You can dump the poop in the potty or trash. Rinse the soilds of by swishing the diaper in the potty or you can use a diaper sprayer. (This is a small shower like tool that hooks to your toilet.)