Mail that Makes me Smile

Mail that makes me smile

This is a e-mail I received that touched my heart. The writer gave me permission to share with you. Please enjoy.

Hi Mary,

Thank you SO much for your generosity. I've been reading your blog more and I am humbled by the incredible woman you are - and I mean that sincerely. I'm actually adopted so I find your story of your family particularly touching. 

I checked out Earth Crunchy Mama (I actually use her diaper liners! They're great!) and I'd really like to try the Thirsties Duo Wrap! I checked and she has size 2 in Blackbirds Snap Closure (you just have to go to the second listing of size 2 on the drop down menu). I only have 1 cover and the system looks really nice!

Thank you SO much again. You really made my birthday magical! Thank you for being you! And I'm going to check out your Barefoot Books links - my mom will, too! 

Thanks again, so much! 

Kari Meeker

Thank you Kari for your kind words. This makes me feel like I am making a difference. That means a lot to me.


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