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Hiney Lineys Review and Giveaway from Lovely Eco Chic!

We met Mary from Lovely Eco Chic during the weekly #clothdiapers Twitter chat. (For those of you who are interested in joining us, it’s Monday nights at 9 EST.) Mary has five kids and has been cloth diapering since her 12 year old was a baby. Back then, she started with rubber pants! Now as her youngest gets close to moving out of diapers, she satisfies her fluff love by helping other mommas get cute diapers.
From Mary:
Lovely Eco Chic is a cloth diaper rental service and boutique. We service the United States with our distance diaper rental programs and you can see us face to face here in Contra Costa County California delivering your diapers fresh weekly.
If you’re interested in a rental service, Lovely Eco Chic has several options, including a hybrid and newborn package! Lovely Eco Chic also has free shipping for orders over $30, which comes in handy with several brands like Hiney Lineys, Happy Heinys, Best Bottom, PlanetWise, and Incredibum!
Mary sent us both a Hiney Lineys Try It kit to review, which includes one Versa cover, one Liney, and one snap-in insert.

Jeniffer’s Thoughts:

When I first received my diaper, I was very confused. There are several snaps involved, and though I had used side-snaps before, this design was very different. After looking at it closely, though, I figured it out. If you’re using a snap-in insert, you would attach that to the Liney first and then attach the Liney to the Versa cover. (At least that’s the easiest way I found to do it!)

Inside the Hiney Lineys Versa Cover (with a flat)
I received the Indian Cotton insert, and I found it quite bulky. However, Hiney Lineys also has a Zorb II insert option through Lovely Eco Chic, and it is much thinner. I also found that I enjoy using the Versa cover on its own. You can, of course, use the Liney with the cover to use it with any insert you have. My favorite combo is actually the Versa cover with an AppleCheeks bamboo insert!
Though I didn’t use it often, my Indian Cotton insert came apart at the snaps. Mary worked very hard to correct the situation, and now I have a new insert directly from Hiney Lineys! I have yet to use it because my mother-in-law is prepping it with her towels right now since I don’t like boiling inserts with snaps and my washer does not have hot water hooked up to it. However, I can already tell that it is trimmer, especially since the bottom of the insert is sewn together. I’m anxious to use it and see how it compares to the Indian Cotton insert!
The Hiney Lineys Try It kit comes with one Liney, a snap-in stay-dry liner. If you’re used to pocket diapers and like a fuller stay-dry coverage than a liner, the Liney is a great addition to your stash. The Liney also has snap covers over the area that would irritate baby. It’s nice to know that Abby won’t get red marks from them! The Liney I received is a dark brown, which works great at hiding stains! While I try to keep stains at bay, it’s hard without washing in hot water. I use the sun and lemon juice a lot, but it’s an endless battle. I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about it with this diaper! However, I don’t use the Liney much because I’m used to using covers by themselves.

Liney Snapped into the Versa Cover
While the insert isn’t my favorite and I can take or leave the Liney, the Versa cover is definitely my go-to cover for Abby! I love the fit on her as well as the color. I like that the AppleCheeks insert fits in it perfectly and that I know it won’t leak. I love putting her in this cover when we’re in town or in the car for a while. It’s definitely a go-to diaper around here!

Melissa’s Thoughts:

Like Jeniffer, I was a little confused at first by my Hiney Liney, especially since it was my first hip snapping diaper. After playing with it for a few minutes I was able to figure it out. The diaper consists of three parts, shown below.

Cover, liney, and snap in soaker.

Here it is all put together, ready to be worn.

"Stuffed" - please excuse the blurry picture!

The diaper features rise snaps, which are located on the back of the diaper, rather than the front, which seemed a little odd to me. Nehemiah is on the largest rise setting, though, so it wasn’t an issue for us one or the other. It also features elastic across the back to help contain messes, and plenty of snap settings for hip and waist adjustments to fit a large variety of sizes.

Back view of the diaper.

Overall, the Hiney Liney system didn’t end up being one of my favorites. Snapping the liner in and trying to make sure everything was lined up correctly felt more complicated to me than using my pocket diapers. The snap-in insert also had a tendency to shift around while I was putting the diaper on Nehemiah, so I had to watch for that. I also didn’t like having to get everything unsnapped after the diaper had been used before I could toss it in the diaper pail.
One nice thing about this system is that it does provide a stay-dry liner, with a cover than can be used multiple times. The liney was great for easy poo removal – solids rolled right off without much trouble, and we didn’t experience any issues with stains.
I also really liked the cover when used by itself over my prefolds, flats, or fitteds. I often used it over night time diapers, and it stood up to my heavy wetter without any trouble!
The fit was also good on Nehemiah, whether I used it as a cover or I used the whole Hiney Liney system. Here he is modeling it. I should mention that he was on a mission to run away from me the entire time I was trying to take pictures. He even sat down and just grinned and shook his head at me, so I couldn’t get any booty shots! I kept having to sneak up on him ;)
I think if you like AI2 systems, you should give the Hiney Liney system a try and see if its a good fit for you! If you are looking for a good cover, I definitely recommend it.
And whatever your fluff desires, be sure to check out Lovely Eco Chic. Mary has a lot of experience, and she is happy to help with questions or trouble-shooting. She is also a genuinely nice person, and those can be hard to come by!

Buy it!

You can buy the Hiney Lineys Try It kit at Lovely Eco Chic for $20.50

Win it!

One of our readers will win a $15 gift certificate to Lovely Eco Chic!

May 28, 2012

Enjoy the Adventure!

Eco Sprout from Lovely Eco Chic - Review & Giveaway

I am finally able to try EcoSprout after hearing great things about it for almost a year! That privilege is mine thanks to the fabulous Mary from Lovely Eco Chic. And, thanks to Mary and her generosity, she is going to hook up one lucky reader with a bag of their choice scent too! Go to the Lovely Eco Chic website and read about the cool mama behind this store. More on that later, first lets take a look at the finer details of these super yummy smelling cloth-safe suds.

How It All Shakes Out:
Effectiveness: 5
Scent: 5
Stink-Sinking: 5
Quality: 5
Ease of Use: 4
When All Is Said And Done: 4.5

I was sent the "Green Tea" scent. It sounds crazy, but as I anxiously awaited the EcoSprout to arrive, I kept wondering what Green Tea smells like. I kept thinking back to an actual tea bag and kind of wondering if I would dislike the smell. I honestly couldn't place what it would be like. So many lotions and sprays and creams say "Green Tea and Mango" or some other scent combined with Green Tea, which is always the dominant scent--I began to wonder if I had ever smelled it before!

Then it arrived in my mailbox.

It is wonderful! It's bright and clean and fresh smelling. Not at all like an old teabag. Not like perfume or a lotion or anything I had smelled before. Simple, crisp and fantastic. I would like to thank Mary for sending such a great-smelling scent option for me to try! It is not what I would have immediately chosen, but I LOVE the outcome of my wonderment and it was fun to experience something new! So, for "scent" EcoSprout gets a 5!! This goes hand-in-hand with Sinking-Stink. My diapers are always stripped using RLR Laundry Treatment (well, the inserts, fitteds, prefolds, flats, and anything non-PUL anyway) yet there is always a degree of stink that accumulates after a while. EcoSprout did not ADD to that stink, as many detergents do that claim they are "cloth safe." There are even brands that are well-known in the cloth world that I used and felt like they perpetuated the problem for me! This was not the case with EcoSprout. The residual smell from the detergent was not as strong as the original smell while getting the wash ready, but there was still a faint, fresh smell of the lovely Green Tea there. I have noticed that I'm not seriously offended by my diapers--not even the microfiber--nearly as quickly since starting to use EcoSprout! So, EcoSprout scores a 5 in that realm, too!

The fact that it did not add to any laundry issues makes it quite effective. It cleans my diapers, regular wash items, and even my husbands dirty work clothes. I was pleased with the results after using the EcoSprout detergent for a few weeks. It really has decreased my amount of stink, which makes me feel like my diapers are cleaner. I am a HUGE skeptic of anything that boasts this, as I said I have tried MAJOR cloth-diapering detergent brands and found that they stink!! I will be keeping EcoSprout around until potty training is complete!

Something really awesome about EcoSprout is that it is all-natural. My son and I both have sensitive skin, and looking back at my first few months of being a new mom, I cannot believe I used Dreft, thinking it was "sensitive safe!" It is probably the most perfumed, smelly detergent I've ever sniffed! It didn't have any bad reactions on our skin (and of course I didn't use it on any cloth diapers) but I used it quite a bit, thinking it was a sound choice for us. Now that I've experienced so many alternatives that I didn't know existed a little over a year ago, I won't ever go back to the pink box of powder! I feel like a company that can make an effective product in an all-natural way = quality!! The packaging EcoSprout comes in is really pretty. The bag is a slider bag, for ease of use and closure. LOVING this feature! Zip-lock style bags are hard to shut if granules of detergent or flakes get into the track of the zipper. Bags with NO re-closure devise are the worst. This handy slider top makes it easy to close, ensuring I won't waste a bit in my laundry frenzy! The outer cover with the EcoSprout logo is muslin or some type of earthy-looking material, which I really dig too. My coffee provider also uses a similar material and I re-use those bags for all sorts of household organization and storage. Much more earth-lovin' than all plastic. Another mark of quality! Give 'em a 5!!

Lastly, the ease of use part of my scrutiny of this great product. I gave it a small demerit for ease of use--though I LOVE that it is a slider bag with an awesome cloth cover, I don't like that they don't send a scoop. Maybe this is a good thing in some ways--it uses less plastic. Maybe the manufacturers are thinking green and hoping the consumer will use a tablespoon that is metal, that they already own for measuring. But, as much as I would like to embrace that notion, I still like when detergent comes with it's own measuring device. So, since I had to find a suitable scoop for this detergent, as petty as it sounds, it was enough of an inconvenience to note for me. I'm not a lazy person. I didn't mind that I had to walk upstairs and find a measuring utensil. I just like the company going the extra mile, if you will, providing you with the appropriate vessel for measuring their product. It could even be made of recycled materials if they would like to keep it more green. But, if I were to change one thing it would be that. All detergents should come with a measuring device of their own.

There you have it. A pretty darn great detergent. An all-natural fix for your diaper stink. A detergent safe for baby bums, mama cloth, daddy dirt and all that falls in between. I am really liking my EcoSprout! You should LIKE them too. And, LIKE Lovely Eco Chic while you're at it! You can keep apprised of all the fun news, events, promotions and happenings over at Lovely Eco Chic by following on Facebook. If you think this might be for you, BUY some--Mary would love to help you out with your cloth diapering and detergent needs! You can also take a stab at WINNING a bag in the scent of your choice by filling out

are Co-Hosting a Twitter Party.
We'd love it if you could come!
Here's a few of the prizes you could win!
Be sure to Tweet about it using #SimpleandEcoChic and enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Hop Spotlight LOVELY ECO CHIC

Lovely Eco Chic has lots of different products to choose from.

We choose and received the Green Babykicks 3G diaper for this review.
It's a bit different for us. It has a Front Pocket and side snaps, so I was excited to try
Inside is 30% cotton and 70% rayon from Bamboo! It's nice and soft against baby's skin
She included a large and small insert for me!
Smallest Setting
Second Setting
Medium setting
Largest setting
It gets pretty big in the belly
To make it fit a newborn better you take the front of the diaper and stuff it inside it's pocket
On the wing there is 2 male snaps
And then the left wing folds over and snaps to the right wing. Making this diaper TINY!!!!
We never needed the newborn setting though. This is Emerson at about 2 weeks old and about 9.5 pounds.
Was a little big around the thighs
But we never had leaks
The diaper fit him well. It was big around the thighs, but we never had leaks. Now the diaper fits him perfectly. He's still on the smallest setting in the rise and waist. It fits his thighs a lot better now.
Here he is in this diaper on St. Patrick's Day

Only thing I have found is the Bamboo inner gets stained. I have like 4 diapers that are stained and they are all natural fibers. That's the only issue, but nothing that a little sun can't handle.

I like this diaper, but I think because of the side snaps I reach for it less and less, I have it in my diaper bag for now. I really do like it. I like that side snaps look nice and flat under pants and such, but They're just harder for me to snap and get on. So it's in the diaper bag for when we leave the house.
I do like that it has 4 rise snaps.

Lovely Eco Chic has lots of other diapering items in her store, she also carries things for mama as well like Breastfeeding and Menstrual items.
She also carries a book for babies as well as the Changing Diapers by Kelly Wels book!

Price: I'm not sure how much it is through Lovely Eco Chic but Babykicks has it at $20.50. So it's comparable to any other OS in price!

Overall: *****
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Lovely Eco Chic in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Lovely Eco Chic for allowing me to review this product

For the Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop, Lovely Eco Chic has offered one Mommy's Favorite Things reader the chance to win a Babykicks 3G in either the Limited Edition Purple OR Black color! ARV of $20.50

Saturday, April 14, 2012

GroVia AI2 Review and $20 Gift Card to Lovely Eco Chic #Giveaway (Ends 4/23 US/Canada) #happybirthdayJR

Mary from Lovely Eco Chic is one of the sweetest ladies I've met in the cloth diapering world. I've spent a lot of time just chatting with her over email and when she agreed to sponsor a review and giveaway for JR's birthday event, I was so excited!

I love Lovely Eco Chic, not only for their wonderful customer service, but because they don't just carry products to carry them. They have requirements, and while some people may not like that they don't carry more "mainstream" diapers and products, I like that they thoroughly stand behind each product they sell. If they don't love it, they don't carry it. They also specialize in local and long distance diaper rentals!

I was sent a Grovia AI2 shell in Vanilla and one of the new Stay Dry Soaker Pads. I took this diaper on my trip to Florida, and it was worn on the airplane, so it had to go through a vigorous test!

My Initial Reaction:

(what I received)
(inside of shell)
(waterproof backing on soaker pad)
(soaker snapped into shell)

I really liked the look of this diaper from the beginning. It seemed to be of high quality and was cute! Vanilla is the perfect gender neutral color and matches every outfit in JR's wardrobe. The soaker was soft and trim, but looked like it would be very absorbent.
My review:

I brought this diaper with us on our trip, so after prepping it, the first time it was used was on an airplane, and I changed JR on my lap. For whatever reason, he freaks out when I lay him on a changing table, and the bathrooms on airplanes are loud, so instead of traumatizing him, I just changed him on my lap. It was easy to use and fit him very well. I have a hard time finding quality diapers that fit him well just because of his odd shape. He has no waist but chunky thighs. I was able to get a snug fit around his waist and a good fit around his legs without it leaving red marks.

It was super absorbent and this one diaper lasted for over 2 hours on one of our flights and another 30 minutes in the car before he was changed. No leaking or wicking, thanks to the waterproof backing on the soaker pad.

It also easily contained poo messes. JR's tummy was a little upset from all the excitement of meeting all of his cousins, aunts and uncles and other extended family. The generous size of the soaker pad was a lifesaver. It caught everything and left the shell dry and clean.

What I liked:
  • Very good fit
  • Absorbent soaker pads
  • Fun colors and prints
  • Easy to use
  • Very Trim
  • Super strong aplix
What I didnt like:
  • The "laundry tabs" (or lack there of) seemed to cause the aplix to curl after just a few washes
  • The soaker pad is generously sized, but would tend to bunch up quite a bit. Didn't affect performance, but seemed uncomfortable.
  • The stay dry layer on the soaker pads seemed to pill up very quickly.
Final Thoughts

Normally, I'm not a lover of AI2 diaper systems, and even though I really like this diaper, I would probably buy 1 soaker and 1 shell and use it more as an AIO system. I have used the GroVia AIO diapers, but I was not a fan of the fit of them. So to make this diaper fit us better, I would use the AI2 as an AIO. I will definitely be adding some more to our stash, as it seems like a great diaper, especially when out and about.

All in all, I would give this diaper 4 out of 5 stars.

Buy It

You can purchase GroVia Shells for $16.95 each and two of the Stay Dry Soaker Pads for $17.95 from Lovely Eco Chic

Now on to the giveaway!

Lovely Eco Chic has offered a $20 gift card to their store for one lucky Diapers, Dogs and Deployments reader! Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter. Click read more to be taken to the entry form.
This giveaway is open to US and Canadian Residents 18 years or older. Giveaway ends on 4/23 at midnight EST! All entries will be verified and the winner has 24 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.

Monday March 19, 2012

Review and Giveaway! :)

I received 3 products from Lovely Eco Chic Planet Wise pail liner in Hoot, Incredibum wet bag in Sunshine/Caterpillar and an Incredibum diaper in Flutter. I was so excited to try these products out and do my first review and giveaway for my blog. I want to thank Mary at Lovely Eco Chic she has a great shop and is so nice to work with. Check out her store Lovely Eco Chic here.

Product #1 - Planet Wise Pail Liner - Hoot

Planet Wise - Hoot
This liner is super cute and fits my pail great it has a nice wide opening which makes it easy to dump straight in the washer. I have a couple of other pail liners none fit as good as this one or do they seem to hold in the moisture as well as this one. When using this liner there have been no wet spots or leaks, which is great. When first checking this liner out I was a little concerned about the construction of it as the seams are on the outside thought this may cause leak problems, but after using it for a month there have been no issues. It also is pretty good sized so it holds a lot of diapers I would say at least 20+ pocket diapers. I have around 28 diapers now and try to wash when I just have a few clean ones left that is why I am saying 20+! Planet Wise makes these liners in a ton of super cute colors and a few great prints! Check out them out here! They are also a great price at $16.50. I definitely recommend this product and would give it
  • Nice wide opening
  • Holds a lot
  • Super cute print and colors
  • No leaks
  • Construction could have been better (seams on inside instead of out), but it works great so why change! :)

Product # 2 - Incredibum Wet Bag - Sunshine/Caterpillar (Yellow/Green)



This is a reversible wet bag that is super soft and very cute. I was sent the small bag in the Sunshine/ Caterpillar color. It has a drawstring opening which I am usually not crazy about but this one seemed to close down tight to help hold in the smell. :) It holds about 5 pocket diapers which is great for longer outings. I actually used it one day as a carrying bag for clean diapers which it worked out great for also. I am sure it will be great this summer for wet clothes too! I also use it for a wet bag in my daughters room as usually only a couple diapers are changed there a day, so it works great to hang on the doorknob. This bag has been washed many times and is holding up great! At $7.95 for the small bag and $10.95 for the large it is a great price for a great bag. Check them out here! I think it could have many uses also. I would definitely recommend this bag and give it

  • Great Colors
  • Reversible is nice for when you get tired of one color
  • Holds several diapers (about 6 pocket diapers)
  • No leaks
  • Soft material
  • Good for longer day trips
  • Washes well
  • Made in USA!

  • Drawstring (I am more a fan of a zipper)
  • Little to big for a daily basis (short trips)

Product #3 - Incredibum AIO Cloth Diaper - Flutter

Incredibum Diaper - Flutter (Outside)

Incredibum - Flutter (inside 1 Liner)

I was sent the Incredibum AIO diaper in flutter, it has a bamboo liner which is very absorbent. This diaper is great the liner snaps in and there is no need to remove it for wash a great way to do an all in one. No stuffing necessary. I love the color it is very bright and such a different color from any of my other diapers and I have a lot of pink ones! :) Fits great, DD is now probably around 19.5 lbs. and with her little bit chunkier thighs it still fits great and will probably fit through potty training. I have it set on the mini bum size. Snaps are not too bad though I wish they made these diapers in hook and loop I am now realizing how much easier that is when she is trying to twist and turn and flip away it is hard to do snaps upside down! :) I have used this diaper in every scenario without any leaks and with only one liner in at this time. I do find it difficult to rinse with diaper sprayer because of how the liner is seems to take longer to get clean. I recommend this diaper to anyone wanting to try an AIO especially at only $16.85 a piece that is a great price for an AIO. Check them out here!I definitely recommend this diaper it is becoming one of my favorites. I give it (only because I wish it was hook and loop and the liner laid better.)

  • AIO
  • Cute Colors
  • Fits great
  • No Leaks
  • Reasonably priced

  • Snaps (this is personal preference though, I prefer Hook & Loop)
  • Liner seems to bunch up when you don't have it on full size
  • More difficult to rinse

Incredibum diaper compares pretty good size wise to a bumgenius it is a little bigger when unsnapped all the way. It is about the same size when snapped to the newborn setting.

BumGenius 4.0 and Incredibum

    BumGenius 4.0 and Incredibum (New Born)

    Buy It

    You can purchase the Planet Wise pail liner here for $16.50. The Incredibum Wet bag can be purchased here for $7.95. The Incredibum AIO diaper can be purchased here for $16.85.

    Win it

    You can win either the wet bag or pail liner in your choice of color or print from Lovely Eco Chic.

    Friday March 16, 2012

    Review -- Geffen Baby

    For the last month or so I have been using a Geffen Baby hemp prefold, insert, and cloth wipe. Having never used hemp products before, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had heard it was more absorbent than the synthetic fibers that come with most cloth diapers and was eager to find out if it was true.

    Geffen Baby hemp prefold (right) with a Thirsties XS diaper cover (left)

    The first product I tried was the hemp prefold. The first thing I noticed about this item is how soft it feels. We've used Chinese and Indian prefolds, but they are no where near as soft as the hemp prefold is. I can only imagine how comfy it is on Gene's little baby booty.

    The prefold is meant to fit from 0-6 months. I don't know about you, but that's a pretty big range. Babies grow a lot in six months. Gene is a little peanut, so the sides of the diaper overlapped in the front when Snappi'd. It made it a bit bulky in the front.

    The jellyroll fold, along with the leg gussets on the Thirsties cover (have you checked them out? Favorite feature on their diapers!), prevented any leaks and blowouts while I was trying them out. I also never used it at night.

    I love the hemp insert. Let me back up.

    Our overnight diaper is a bumGenius 4.0. We use the stay-dry insert as well as the newborn insert at night. Unless Gene makes a stinky, we don't generally have to change him during the night. We don't have leak issues, but sometimes you can smell the microfiber. It doesn't smell bad, but it does have a smell.

    Now, though, we use the hemp insert (when it's clean) in addition to the stay-dry insert. I've noticed that when we use the Geffen Baby insert as a doubler that the diaper doesn't have that smell that is sometimes present when we use microfiber alone.

    The hemp insert is also quite thin, which is really nice. Since we use it as a doubler, it doesn't add a lot of additional bulk to his diapers.

    Oh, and they're 100% organic cotton. That's always a big plus. There are no secret chemicals seeping into my sweet baby's delicate area!

    I was also able to try out a hemp cloth wipe. Just like the insert and prefold, the wipe was incredibly soft. It easily cleaned up Gene's stinkies.

    PROS: Hemp is a natural fiber, so you don't have to wonder what you're putting on your baby's bum. It's incredibly soft, which you know feels nice! It also absorbs really well.

    CONS: As much as I love the hemp products, they take SO LONG to dry. When it comes time to do laundry, its super absorbency can be a hindrance. Whereas microfiber is dry fairly quickly, the same cannot be said for hemp.

    Check out Lovely Eco Chic for green products for Mom and


    Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    Planet Wise Sports Bag Review & Giveaway Sponsored by Lovely Eco Chic

    By On March 13, 2012 · 15 Comments
    Today’s bonus giveaway (yes, this is TWO giveaways today) is a Planet Wise Sports Bag. Mary from Lovely Eco Chic is giving away a Planet Wise Sports bag to celebrate her son Sonny’s 5th birthday!

    The Dirty Details:

    Ease of Use: 5 Bums Up!
    Quality: 4 Bums Up!
    Overall: 4 Bums Up!
    Ease of Use: I gave the Planet Wise Sports Bag 5 Bums Up for ease of use. When it comes to bags, it doesn’t get much easier than this! Dry items go in the dry side and wet items go in the side with PUL all around. I can’t wait to use this for the pool this summer!
    Dry Items
    Wet Items
    Quality: The Planet Wise Sports Bag gets 4 Bums Up for quality. While the PUL seems thin, it has held up well in the wash. I like the added zipper pocket in the front too, great idea!
    Overall: Overall, the Planet Wise Sports Bag gets 4.5 Bums Up. There isn’t much to say about it except, it’s a great bag and it functions as intended. We spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer and this bag will get a lot of use in The Gnome house!

    Buy It!

    You can purchase a Planet Wise Sports bag from Lovely Eco Chic by clicking here.

    Win It!

    Want to win your own Planet Wise Sports Bag?
    Head on over to the giveaway page to enter!



    Tuesday, January 24, 2012

    Happy Heinys Accessory Review

    A couple of months ago, Courtney handed me a new Happy Heinys diaper. I was SUPER excited! I loved the Happy Heiny diaper I already had. THEN, she sent me home with two Happy Heinys wipes, one wet bag, and the Heiny Spray – all from Lovely Eco Chic.

    I was sort of a slow convert to cloth wipes (my hubby finally gave in and tried it for the first time last week – progress!), but when my son started to eat solids, I noticed how much better cloth wipes get the job done. Through trial and error, I had settled on cheap-o thin infant wash cloths from a big box store as my wipe of choice. I confess I didn’t think the Happy Heinys wipes could win me over. I was so wrong!

    These wipes have everything you would want in a cloth wipe. One side is like terry cloth (maybe it is?), providing the texture and softness needed to grab and remove solids with minimal wiping. The other side is smoother, to finish the job. When these two wipes get to the top of my rotation, I actually get excited and hope it’s a “big poop day.”

    Combining the wipes with the Heiny Spray has been an excellent alternative to disposable wipes. I had never tried a spray or wipes solution before, but I have been very happy with it! It has never given Ez-P a rash, it has a pleasant and subtle scent, and it gives me peace of mind knowing I’m cleaning his skin with a natural and organic product. It has also lasted forever – I’m still using it on a daily basis.

    My Happy Heiny wet bag is also a nice addition to my stash. It’s just a single layer of PUL in a spherical shape with draw strings at the top. All of my other wet bags up until this point were the kind that had PUL on the inside of a cotton fabric pattern on the outside. I like that the Happy Heiny wet bag fits so nicely into any bag I take out because it doesn’t have the extra layer of fabric to make it bulky. It holds a lot of wet/dirty fluff and it washes up nicely. You can dry it in the dryer, but it also air dries very quickly, which I like.

    The more Happy Heiny products I try, the more I like them. I can’t say enough good things about these products. Thank you, Lovely Eco Chic, for providing them for me to try!

    Don't for get to shop Lovely Eco Chic and save 15% just for being a reader of Under The Apple Tree! Use code: FLUFFYAPPLELOVE

    I won my first itti bitti tutto diaper from Lovely Eco Chic in December. Let me tell you...I am in love with this diaper! I love how trim it is on my daughter, Lady Bug. I love that I can snap in the soaker pads and adjust the absorbency by snapping it in. Plus, getting to know Mary from Lovely Eco Chic has been a great experience. She's really nice, very helpful and personable. My favorite quote from Mary's bio on her blog? "I was 'Green' before it was cool." That says it all and shows the heart behind Lovely Eco Chic, a diaper rental service. Let's get to the review shall we?

    The bitti tutto comes with three soaker pads. It was a little confusing when I first opened the package to understand what was up with them and how they worked. After watching a video tutorial on it, I understood how brilliant the snap concept was. You can customize the soaker pads based on whether or not you have a girl or a boy, a lesson I learned the hard way with Lady Bug. I was so used to stuffing my pockets so that the front absorbed everything that I didn't even realize that I needed to do it differently for a girl. The bitti tutto has this feature in the form of snaps. If it's a boy you snap in the front, if it's a girl you snap in the back. Brilliant. The diaper's so trim. I love it. I love the ease of it and the trimness. The "thick" part of the diaper that needs to absorb the most is where it should be for Lady Bug, the back, leaving the front not bulky. The other feature of the bitti tutto that's awesome is the poo fence - a little lip-like fold (an internal gusset) that catches any explosions.

    Here's my Lady Bug wearing her bitti tutto. She weighs 15 lbs. 5 oz and is six and a half months old.

    See the nice tight fit around her chunky little thighs?

    And because this giveaway for the Newborn Cloth Diaper Event I had to borrow a friend's new baby girl, Lady M, to try the bitti tutto out on her. Lady M, is the youngest and only little lady with two older brothers who definitely adore her. How could you not with her little chubby cheeks!?

    Lady M is 17 days old and weighs a little over 8 lbs. Needless to say, I was really pleased with the diaper on her and the fit around her thighs. The waist was a snug fit, not too tight and no gaps.

    I think that the bitti tutto diaper definitely fits an 8 lb. newborn really well. And I've been so pleased with its performance on my 6.5 month old. I know that some one size diapers make the claim to fit newborns to potty trained kids but my experience now with two children in cloth is that is not the case. I can say that's not true for the bitti tutto. It's true. It'll fit your newborn and fit him/her well.

    Win It! Lovely Eco Chic is giving away a gender neutral green bitti tutto diaper to one US/APO FTM follower. Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form and while you're at it check out the other blogs participating in the Newborn Cloth Diaper Event!


    Thursday, January 5, 2012

    BabyKicks 3g {Review}

    I believe I have recovered from the holidays, have you? I thought it was time to get a nice review up here...after all it has been awhile! :)

    Today I am going to share with you the BabyKicks 3g Bumboo Pocket. I received this diaper from the Lovely Eco Chic. I know you have heard me talk about her before right? And you have seen the amazing items she has sponsored right here on Under the Apple Tree right? Have you shopped her site yet? Mary, my friend and owner of Lovely Eco Chic, is one of the sweetest people I have ever meet. She is a amazing mother and a eco-friendly genius. I love her mind, she is always thinking of how to help reduce waste and is making it easy for others to do the same through her shop. So head on over and check it out. Make sure you are following her on Facebook and Twitter, because she is always up to something- discounts, giveaways, free items...
    Hello! I am just chilling here in my BabyKicks 3g .
    Anywho, on to my review!
    When I received this diaper I was surprised to see the fleece gussets. In my mind, not having the PUL on the gusset would lead to many, many leaks. On the other hand having a nice breathable fabric next to my babies soft skin was a very nice surprise! After I prepped my diaper, I started using it on Rai right away. This diaper has quickly made its way to the top of the diaper pale.
    there is that fleece gusset, allows baby to freely climb all over the furniture. ;)

    Natural fibers. I will say it over and over again- there is nothing better than natural fibers, next to your babies skin! My biggest reasons for using natural fibers are a trimmer diaper and less stink. Microfiber may be a workhorse in holding fluids, unfortunately, it is also great at holding on to stink. Since reducing my stash to a very limited amount of Microfiber inserts, I hardly ever have to strip my diapers.

    Side snapping. As we have fully entered toddlerhood, we have entered the watch mom, "I can take my diaper off" stage. He is strong enough and determined enough to even get regular snap diapers off. Side snapping diapers are doing the trick! Another benefit to side snapping diapers are a nice flat front on the diaper. This reduces bulk in the front and makes those cute little jeans sit nicely.

    Trim. This diaper is ultra trim! I have no issue fitting regular pants right over this diaper!

    One Size. Allowing you to use this diaper for the entire length of diapering makes this diaper affordable and practical. Fitting babies from 7lbs all the way to 40lbs! Rai is 21 months and fairly average in size. Currently he is on the middle rise setting and has three more side snap to go around the waist. So I am pretty size fully opened, this would fit my skinny 5 year old!
    super trim and plenty of room to grow!

    The pocket. I found the pocket to be very narrow on this diaper. Not only is it narrow but you stuff from the front, which is fine, but the widest part of the insert goes to the back of the diaper. Therefore, you are stuffing a lot of insert through a narrow pocket making it a bit difficult, not impossible, just difficult. I know my husband would not be able to stuff these diapers with his hands!

    So, there you have it. Overall a fantastic diaper and one of my personal favorites!
    Looking to purchase the lovely diaper? Check out Lovely Eco Chic! You can pick up this diaper here for $20.50 and don't forget to use you discount code for being a reader: FLUFFYAPPLELOVE

    oh my how did this get on here? Oh well, enjoy the cuteness.


    Thursday, November 17, 2011

    Lovely Eco Chic {Happy Heiny's Review and Giveaway}

    This final review is for a Happy Heinys One for All Diaper that came to me from a fantastic new website called Lovely Eco Chic.


    Happy Heiny's is another great one size diaper that I've found to be wonderfully trim. It has actually become a favorite here. This pocket diaper comes with microfiber 2 inserts, a newborn insert that later you can use a doubler and a full size insert for bigger babies. I really love the overlapping hook and loop on this diaper, it is so stretchy. It is so easy to get a nice, snug fit on my baby without it digging into her skin. This is definitely another recommend for the newborn stash. Again, finding a one size diaper is very economical because this one truly does fit even the tiny babies all the way up to the big babies!

    As for The Lovely Eco this is an incredible website that you need to check out! Their motto is "Live Green with Class" and these ladies do! It is a San Francisco Bay area based company run by a few mom's with a commitment to the environment and to provide sustainable, eco friendly and recycled products you can use in your everyday life and feel good about it.
    They offer diaper rental services locally and also long distance. They also not only sell Happy Heiny Micro Minis for preemies, they offer a preemie rental service as well. Please, please go and read about it. The story behind the Micro Mini's is very cool and informative about the possibility of having cloth in the NICU. My son was a NICU baby and it's never something you plan on. I hope it never happens for any of you, but should that be the case it is awesome to know there are cloth options out there!
    Besides all that great stuff these ladies also offer a whole host of other eco friendly products. They are adding to their products what seems like daily and they also offer free shipping over $50 as well as a layaway program!

    Don't worry before we end this event we have just one more giveaway for you! The Lovely Eco Chic is offering up one of these fantastic Happy Heiny's One for All or Micro Mini for one of our lucky readers!
    Thank you so much for following along, I hope all you Mom's and Dad's feel a little more educated on the options available for newborn cloth diapering- If I can do it you can to! Remember we are always here to answer your questions- just email us at or leave a comment on the blog! We love our readers and are more than willing to help you in your cloth diaper adventure.

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Lovely Eco Chic - Best Bottoms Review and $30 Gift Code GIVEAWAY!

    I've got a great new "green" shop to tell you about! Lovely Eco Chic (love the name, don't you?) was started by two moms who both have a business background. They are a new web store and they are dedicated to bringing us all a greener lifestyle with ease! We could all use that, right? Outside of their online store, they will be expanding to booths, trade shows and festivals before opening a brick and mortar store in the San Francisco bay area.

    What do they sell you are asking? Well, one of your favorites - yes, they sell cloth diapers! They currently carry BabyKicks, Best Bottoms, Incredibum and Happy Heinys. They also sell cloth diapering accessories, books, children's items (like sports bags and plush dolls) and women's nursing and mama pads as well as menstrual blood stain remover! They are adding new items regularly so be sure to keep checking back for you favorite items!

    Lovely Eco Chic kindly sent me a Best Bottoms cover and organic insert for our new baby girl! We chose the pink giraffes and cannot wait to use this for her! Best Bottoms are an all in two diapering system with snap in inserts. They are available in snaps and hook & loop closure. We received the snap diaper cover.
    The cover itself is one of the cutest we have! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE giraffes and since we are thrilled to be having a baby girl, the pink giraffes make it that much more exciting! The above picture shows the diaper on the smallest setting with the snaps crossed over and on the right it is set to the largest setting. You can see it is great for small babies and growing toddlers! It is a one size cover and will fit babies from birth to 35+ pounds. It does have cross over snaps for great fit on those tiny waisted babies! I also love that the insert is available in organic as we are trying to move away from using microfiber. I personally think the organic inserts are much more trim!
    I also think this diaper has some incredible leg gussets. You can clearly see them in the above picture and I am sure they work incredibly well!
    This shows the inside of the diaper with the insert snapped in. This is a small insert but it does come in a larger size for older babies/toddlers. I love that you can just change the insert and reuse the cover unless soiled. That makes for a great amount of space saving in the diaper bag compared to taking other diapers that each need their own cover and insert(s).

    Lovely Eco Chic has some GREAT products and I can't wait to see all that they are planning to add! They have some incredible specials going on right now that you don't want to miss! Incredibum is a new line of diapers and accessories and they have an amazing deal that can get you lots of freebies - especially if you take advantage of the offer before Dec 1! Outside of that, check out their specials page for more great things!

    You want something from Lovely Eco Chic, don't you? :)

    Purchase It: You can make your purchase from Lovely Eco Chic and they are generously offering Mama on a Green Mission readers a 10% discount on baby items by entering BBGreenMission! Code is valid until 12/10/11!

    Win It! Lovely Eco Chic is being extra generous and offering one lucky Mama on a Green Mission reader a $30 gift code to purchase something at their store! Fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win!