September 6, 2011

Are you a blogger? Do you like to review?

In an effort to provide quality sustainable products and keep my commitment to my customer of maintaining a great Eco friendly inventory I am looking for established bloggers to review products.

Below are a photo list of products I am curious what your opinion is. These are both products I already carry of have inquired about carrying in the shop.

  1. Please submit your interest via e-mail or phone call. Have in mind the product you'd like to review. The demographic your blog reaches out too and how many readers you have and the web address of your blog.
  2. When reviewing products please be honest. (It really is the best policy) Not all products are created equal. Customers want to know the truth. Once the review is posted please provide the link to your post. You have  30 days to publish your review. The review will also appear in it's entirety on this blog as well. Feel free to include a button with your review to generate traffic back to your own site from here.
I look forward to hearing/working with you.

Lovely Eco Chic
(925) 364-4761

Sckoon Organic Cotton Baby Cloth Diaper Red Pear
Imse Vimse All-In-One

Best Bottom Diaper

Planet Wise Sport Bag

  Eco Posh Organic One Size Diaper
BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper
Sustainable Kids clothing
Tiny Birds Organic Baby

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