September 3, 2011


I think a big THANK YOU is the first order of business. Thank you for taking your time to see what we are all about. I'll take an elementary school approach to this first post of many I hope you enjoy.

Who? We are two Mom's Mary and Deanne. We both come from a professional back ground and are ready to venture on our own and see how we do.

I'm Mary. I've worked in telecoms 11 years. I have five beautiful children. I was "Green" before it was cool. In high school, shopping at good will, not wearing make-up and teased about being a hippy. I clothed diapered my children, jumped on the Urban Farm movement with a large vegetable garden, compost bin and chickens.  I am proud to say my recycle bin is always fuller than my trash can. I am excited about this venture, finding sustainable products to offer, building a relationship with you our customer and having fun doing it.

This is my dear friend Deanne. Expecting her  first child. Coming from a successful business professional back ground. She has a lot of style and class to bring to the table. Is really excited as well to step out on her own and try her hand at bring you quality, beautiful products you can live with proudly.

What? Lovely Eco Chic is our new web store dedicated to bring you a Greener life style with ease. Everything from babies and children, yard and garden to chic clothing and home furnishings.

Where? Currently we can only be found on the web. In the near future expanding to booths are trade shows and festivals. Then on to a brick and mortar shop in the San Francisco Bay Area.

When? We are open for business now. The product selections are increasing daily so come back often. Check on our FaceBook Page for Sales events and Promotional discounts and register as a customer so we can extend valued customer discount codes to you.

Why? I'm a tree hugger at heart. I love everything there is about nature and it deeply effects me knowing that the coral reefs are dying, animals are going extinct, forests are disappearing and people are loosing more that money being exploited and killed  in countries where companies are not offering even a living wage. Not nearly enough is being done. This is my duty to my earth to help make it a better place. I pledge to you to try my best to research what we offer and make sure it's Earth safe, people friendly and chic enough for you our valued customer.

With all that being said. Thank you for reading about us. Please tell a friend. Comment honestly on our products so we know your likes and dislikes. Recommend away products, methods and tips you think we should know. Contact us if you have any questions or want to review a product. If you are trying to break into the market and have a Eco-friendly product you would like to see in our store we are always here to listen.

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