November 29, 2011

Now is a Great time to try Hiney Liney

As a cloth diapering Mom for eleven years and growing up in a family daycare where I helped my Mother cloth diaper and sometimes even wash the clients cloth diapers I have to confess I thought hybrid with the disposable option of inserts were the way to go. Then I got a Hiney Liney versa.

My Hiney Liney are 100% better for travel. The Versa cover I have never had a leak in. I use them on 3 different boys. My chubby toddler boy who is wearing his Yellow Hiney Liney versa featured above. My older boys 4 and 9 years old who wear them at night over their undies.

The feature that makes this diaper my go to travel diaper is the liney. Who knew a snap in liner would make that giant, you got to be kidding me!! poop the easiest thing to deal with on the road.

This is the liney.

No matter what insert choice you use  this wonderful liner snaps right on top of it.  My boy explodes. I hold the liner with the tips of my fingers in the toilet bowl and flush as to not loose the liney. The poop is gone. The liney and the insert get tossed in my travel wet bag. I do a quick spray of Heiny Wash right to the cover and use it again. It's like cloth diapering magic for me.

What a better time to try something that will make being a Mom with a Fluffy Duff baby easier then when it's on sale! Psst1 They are also my #1 in Lovely Eco Chic Cloth Diaper Service.

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