December 24, 2011

From our local paper. Great info to share

Since I don't have a link  to this article I want to recap the blurbs around the photo in the front page of the Home+Garden section.

It breaks down what is Eco friendly and what's not.

What's not the most Green idea:
  • Metallic ribbon and wrapping paper is  non-recyclable and can clog recycling machinery. Reuse it next year.
  • Bubble Wrap is non-recyclable because it's made of multiple plastics. Use it again or giving back to the shipping store.
  • Flashing fiber optics can only be used again or thrown away.
  • Packing peanuts: Send them back to the company. We don't need them!
Better Greener Ideas:

  • Use a cloth ribbon. It can be ironed and used as a classy bow year after year.
  • Old road maps are great wrapping paper. Who doesn't use a GPS now? They can be recycled.
  • Those Christmas cards you thought you should keep from last year. Cut them up. Use them as gift tags.

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