December 7, 2011

Reindeer Games - Dec. 7 - 17

This is a reindeer.
The only one you'll see during the game.

December is the biggest shopping month of the year with four faith holidays to celebrate.  In our family, it's also a big birthday month.  If you know either of us here at Lovely Eco Chic we like to have fun.

Let's start with the prize to get our Lovelies ready to play.

2 cloth diapers
1 small wet bag
1 set of Octopus Legs
3 cloth menstrual pads
1 Ruby's Red Wash
1 Mini Wet/Dry Bag for Mom
(retail value approx. $100)

This is a game, not a Review/Giveaway. However, there are always rules to a game. We play in Reindeer Points.

To qualify:
  1. You must register as a member of Lovely Eco Chic. This way we can contact the winner.
  2. The winner will be picked by Dec. 17th.
  3. The winner must purchase something from Lovely Eco Chic within 1 year 12/7/2011- 12/7/2012. The prize will be sent to the winner once the winner's order is placed. There is no minimum order.
Bonus chances to win include:
  1. For every $5 spent you are given 1 Reindeer Point.
  2. For 8 Reindeer Points your points double.
  3. Tell a friend about the game. Make sure they tell us you told them and both of you will get 5 Reindeer Points.
  4. If your friend buys something we will make it 10 Reindeer Points each.
  5. Win a Lovely Eco Chic guessing game! 15 Reindeer points.  (We will post nightly on Facebook about baby products, period talk, or earthy friendly products.)
    Every Reindeer Point will come with a unique ticket number and be sent to you via e-mail with in 24 hours. The winner will be e-mailed and announced at the top of this post, Facebook and Twitter.  Due to holiday schedules the winner may respond anytime before January 15, 2012, 8 pm PST. Only one person will win. Where to confirm Reindeer Points:

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