January 29, 2012

Why Hiney Lineys?

 I thought we start our features with our Made in the U.S.A. by Mom's and Grandma amazing product.  Here at Lovely Eco Chic I'm at the end of my cloth diapering Mama career and Deanne has just begun. We found Hiney Lineys or maybe I should say they found us just in time.

There is not another system out there like Hiney Lineys. I'm not sure I'd call it a Hybrid but it's defiantly a concept that stimulates and blows my mind.  Read until the end if you think Hiney Lineys are to confusing. I will walk you through it all.

The cover. Their name is Versa There are two. A hook loop a.k.a. Velcro and a side snap. They come in three sizes Newborn  (up to 15 pounds) , One Size  (12-35 pounds) and Big Kid (30 - 60 pounds). The cover is tough. The inventor calls in bullet proof. She's not lying. Touching the cover they almost feel like a softer version of the material they make light wait weather proof coats out of. There is no tradition feel about the cover.
Our hook loop featured in this photo has an adjustable rise in both the front and the back. Every baby is different and it's nice to be able to fit a diaper in your lovely. The perk to hook loop is they are preferred by Dad's, Grandma's and day cares. You don't think about putting them on you just do.

Side snaps featured here  also are adjustable. They have a unique snapping system that may confuse Dad and day care but it also confuses your little one. I as a mother of a stripping toddler love this feature.

The inside of the covers are the same. You open the cover and there is a ample tuck flap in the front with four snaps just under the lip and two snaps placed near the tabs. I'll explain those to you soon.

Here is wear the system is one of a kind. This photo is the liney. There are a lot of companies that make liners out there. Disposable, flushabale, fleece reusable that are designed to contain poop for easy cleaning. There is a lot of room for improvement for all of them and this Liney is the improvement. It snaps in the Versa cover. No shifting. It get even better. The material lets urine pass though and not come back through to baby's delicate skin. It's rash prevention. There is not another liner out there that can prevent rashes like this one.
If your not itching to add a Hiney Lineys to your stash yet let me show you a few more reasons why you will want at least one. It's a system. All diaper systems out there have some kind of insert. Hiney Lineys have two plus the option of using your own.

This is one Indian cotton snap in insert. The three strips are held together by snaps. It's designed to move with your baby. This insert  is a catch all. Nothing is getting by it even with your speedy crawler and super climber.

This is the Zorb II. I want to be honest I hated it at first. I didn't give up on it I used it and washed it a used it some more. Today it's my favorite! This insert is a work horse. It just needs a lot of prepping. This one has been used on my  preschool and school age bed wetters without one bad morning .

Both inserts snap right on to the liney and the liney snaps right on to the cover.

Now let me show you how you can make it work with what you got. The cover and the liney can be snapped together to make a pocket diaper. So if you prefer prefolds or Joey Bunz use them. They slip right in. They stay where they need to stay. Plus you have the snap in liney that kept the poop off your insert and the urine off baby.

As  you can tell a smart Mom invented this diaper. She is so smart she priced it so mom's on a budget can diaper baby for a very low cost. We here at Lovely Eco Chic added to it and let you rent them if you can't afford or don't want to own or maybe even would prefer to rent to own. We can help you work it out. Just ask. rentals@lovelyecochic.com

Here's what is suggested for this system. One cover and 5 to 8 lineys will get you through a day depending on your baby. The cover can be wiped clean with water or wipe solution between changes. The Liney and your insert of choice get thrown in your diaper pail. If you the Mom who is striving for zero waste or just trying to survive I'd get 3 covers, 16 lineys and 16 prefolds or inserts and be good for two days and wash. The Versa cover is quick drying and everything else can be tossed in your dryer.

***food for thought. Your Newborn will not be in the newborn size long. If your lucky maybe 3 months. Why not rent and save your self the money?

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