February 18, 2012

#clothdiapers for babies in Haiti with no Mama and AIDs

This is a flat rate US Post box. It have 20 cloth diapers in it.
I want to fill this box with your used cloth diaper for the kids of Haiti Comfort. An orphanage in Haiti for kids with AIDs.  I will give a $25 gift certificate to Lovely Eco Chic to one person who's diaper is in the box.
I will do this for every box filled.

Each box will be linked to this spread sheet where the generous donations donnars will listed. From each box of carefully labeled diapers a winner will be selected.
In addition to filling the box MiniMaestros Cloth Diapers will give you a $5 GC for every 2 you donate.

Ways to fill the box.
  1. Send your cloth diaper donations, new, gently used or diapers need minor repair (aplix or snap replacement) we can accept it. To: Lovely Eco Chic 3649 Hillsborough Dr Concord,CA 94520 by March 25th.
  2. Buy 3 cloth diapers from Lovely Eco Chic and 1 will be added to the box in your name. Extra incentive buy 4 and we will add one to the box and $10 in store credit will be applied to your next order.
  3. Any purchase over $60 of anything will get a diaper added to the box. Over $100 and you'll get $10 store credit applied to your next order.

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