March 19, 2012

Why you don't have to get new #clothdiapers

Here's another shoot myself in the foot blog post as a retailer. As a Mom who's heart is big and green I have to share.

Happy Heinys is the brand I choose to diaper my family with. Starting on my son Sonny at 3 months old five years ago. I used them on my son Declan three years ago and confidently offer them you my customers as a high quality product.

Don't take my word. Take a look. The photos below are of my first set of Happy Heinys sized diapers compared to the current Happy Heinys I carry today in our shop. The wear and tear in very minimal. My first set still doesn't leak.

There are no stains after 5 years. The white is still fresh and new.

This is a size comparison. The back diaper is Sized Large and the front is a One Size.

Minimal piling on the front strip of the hook loop without curling corners.

So there is lint stuck in the side closures. Workmanship is perfect.

PUL is still perfectly intact.

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Maia G said...

That is very impressive! I should probably try one :)