May 17, 2012

Science Experiment Results

This is our final results for: What cloth diaper is the most absorbent?

Our three finalists are Thirsties Duo, Hiney Lineys Versa System and Happy Heinys with a Hemp/Cotton Fleece Prefold.

This test was 8 ounces of water in a gallon size Planet Wise Food storage bag. We turned the diapers inside out submerging the inside into the water. We timed the soak for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes we pulled the diaper out slowly letting what ever poured of dripped off the diaper collect in the bag. Then we measured the liquid left.

  1. Thristies Duo - Left 50 ml of water and the cover was damp around the legs.
  2. Hiney Lineys Versa system = left 50 ml of water and the cover was dry.
  3. Happy Heinys/Geffen Baby combo- left 5ml of water with a damp cover only near the seams of the cover.
With that we have determined Happy Heinys and Geffen Baby Organic Cotton/Hemp Fleece prefold to be the most absorbent by 45ml of water.

As promised we choose a winner for a $25 Gift Card. Please contact us as soon as you can to redeem your Gift Certificate. Thank you all so very much for helping out a Kid and his Mom collect valuable dada for a School Science project.

For those of you waiting to see the new insert MiniMaestro has sent me. I have it prepping now. I will do all the same tests and post them on a separate post. My gut feeling is they are going to Great! Bamboo and Zorb are super absorbent materials and they have combined them in to 1 product and added flannel. I hope you all take the time to check this one out as well. MiniMaestro is a staple diaper in our home on Baby sitting , Daddy and Grandma days!

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