May 29, 2012

SistersNCloth Hiney Lineys Review and Giveaway

Hiney Lineys Review and Giveaway from Lovely Eco Chic!

We met Mary from Lovely Eco Chic during the weekly #clothdiapers Twitter chat. (For those of you who are interested in joining us, it’s Monday nights at 9 EST.) Mary has five kids and has been cloth diapering since her 12 year old was a baby. Back then, she started with rubber pants! Now as her youngest gets close to moving out of diapers, she satisfies her fluff love by helping other mommas get cute diapers.
From Mary:
Lovely Eco Chic is a cloth diaper rental service and boutique. We service the United States with our distance diaper rental programs and you can see us face to face here in Contra Costa County California delivering your diapers fresh weekly.
If you’re interested in a rental service, Lovely Eco Chic has several options, including a hybrid and newborn package! Lovely Eco Chic also has free shipping for orders over $30, which comes in handy with several brands like Hiney Lineys, Happy Heinys, Best Bottom, PlanetWise, and Incredibum!
Mary sent us both a Hiney Lineys Try It kit to review, which includes one Versa cover, one Liney, and one snap-in insert.

Jeniffer’s Thoughts:

When I first received my diaper, I was very confused. There are several snaps involved, and though I had used side-snaps before, this design was very different. After looking at it closely, though, I figured it out. If you’re using a snap-in insert, you would attach that to the Liney first and then attach the Liney to the Versa cover. (At least that’s the easiest way I found to do it!)

Inside the Hiney Lineys Versa Cover (with a flat)
I received the Indian Cotton insert, and I found it quite bulky. However, Hiney Lineys also has a Zorb II insert option through Lovely Eco Chic, and it is much thinner. I also found that I enjoy using the Versa cover on its own. You can, of course, use the Liney with the cover to use it with any insert you have. My favorite combo is actually the Versa cover with an AppleCheeks bamboo insert!
Though I didn’t use it often, my Indian Cotton insert came apart at the snaps. Mary worked very hard to correct the situation, and now I have a new insert directly from Hiney Lineys! I have yet to use it because my mother-in-law is prepping it with her towels right now since I don’t like boiling inserts with snaps and my washer does not have hot water hooked up to it. However, I can already tell that it is trimmer, especially since the bottom of the insert is sewn together. I’m anxious to use it and see how it compares to the Indian Cotton insert!
The Hiney Lineys Try It kit comes with one Liney, a snap-in stay-dry liner. If you’re used to pocket diapers and like a fuller stay-dry coverage than a liner, the Liney is a great addition to your stash. The Liney also has snap covers over the area that would irritate baby. It’s nice to know that Abby won’t get red marks from them! The Liney I received is a dark brown, which works great at hiding stains! While I try to keep stains at bay, it’s hard without washing in hot water. I use the sun and lemon juice a lot, but it’s an endless battle. I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about it with this diaper! However, I don’t use the Liney much because I’m used to using covers by themselves.

Liney Snapped into the Versa Cover
While the insert isn’t my favorite and I can take or leave the Liney, the Versa cover is definitely my go-to cover for Abby! I love the fit on her as well as the color. I like that the AppleCheeks insert fits in it perfectly and that I know it won’t leak. I love putting her in this cover when we’re in town or in the car for a while. It’s definitely a go-to diaper around here!

Melissa’s Thoughts:

Like Jeniffer, I was a little confused at first by my Hiney Liney, especially since it was my first hip snapping diaper. After playing with it for a few minutes I was able to figure it out. The diaper consists of three parts, shown below.

Cover, liney, and snap in soaker.

Here it is all put together, ready to be worn.

"Stuffed" - please excuse the blurry picture!

The diaper features rise snaps, which are located on the back of the diaper, rather than the front, which seemed a little odd to me. Nehemiah is on the largest rise setting, though, so it wasn’t an issue for us one or the other. It also features elastic across the back to help contain messes, and plenty of snap settings for hip and waist adjustments to fit a large variety of sizes.

Back view of the diaper.

Overall, the Hiney Liney system didn’t end up being one of my favorites. Snapping the liner in and trying to make sure everything was lined up correctly felt more complicated to me than using my pocket diapers. The snap-in insert also had a tendency to shift around while I was putting the diaper on Nehemiah, so I had to watch for that. I also didn’t like having to get everything unsnapped after the diaper had been used before I could toss it in the diaper pail.
One nice thing about this system is that it does provide a stay-dry liner, with a cover than can be used multiple times. The liney was great for easy poo removal – solids rolled right off without much trouble, and we didn’t experience any issues with stains.
I also really liked the cover when used by itself over my prefolds, flats, or fitteds. I often used it over night time diapers, and it stood up to my heavy wetter without any trouble!
The fit was also good on Nehemiah, whether I used it as a cover or I used the whole Hiney Liney system. Here he is modeling it. I should mention that he was on a mission to run away from me the entire time I was trying to take pictures. He even sat down and just grinned and shook his head at me, so I couldn’t get any booty shots! I kept having to sneak up on him ;)
I think if you like AI2 systems, you should give the Hiney Liney system a try and see if its a good fit for you! If you are looking for a good cover, I definitely recommend it.
And whatever your fluff desires, be sure to check out Lovely Eco Chic. Mary has a lot of experience, and she is happy to help with questions or trouble-shooting. She is also a genuinely nice person, and those can be hard to come by!

Buy it!

You can buy the Hiney Lineys Try It kit at Lovely Eco Chic for $20.50

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One of our readers will win a $15 gift certificate to Lovely Eco Chic!

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