October 27, 2011

Not New to cloth diapers but These new diapers are amazing

Growing up being the kid in high school sure to protest  and shop goodwill, you can only imagine that when I had my first child we raised her as natural as possible. Going as far during pregnancy as to give up chap stick, hair products and cooking in cast iron to get my vitamins and prevent chemicals from crossing over to my growing baby. Naturally my daughter was breastfed solely and cloth diapered or wore nothing at all.

Diapers when I started were flats only at the time they were just called cloth diapers with rubber pants over them. We used a diaper service that trucked the diapers to and from us. Picking up the dirty ones and leaving us with industrial washed new ones. Not very earth friendly when you think of all the gas and bleach used. My  five years ago when we had my son we started with disposables purely because diapers service was expensive and not very Eco anything. At three months old I was chatting with a friend who told me that out of desperation she was begging for diapers on Craiglist.org and a kind stranger sent her so previously used Kushies. This was so cool. She even washed them her self.

Before long I came home with a package of Gerber Prefolds and rubber pants.  What was a Kushie anyway? A diaper right. I was going to use cloth and wash them my self. A couple of issues surfaced. First I couldn't find a diaper pin any where to save my life. Second the Gerber prefold wasn't as big as my old diaper service flats. Third rubber pants were not rubber anymore they were plastic? I was very frustrated.To top it off a few days later my breast pump wasn't working right. I was a working Mom and it needed to be fixed NOW!

The company I got my pump from six years earlier with my daughter got me in touch with a Natural parenting store. While she was looking at my pump I saw them hanging on a clothes line in the front window. Six brightly colored Fuzzibunz diapers. I bought six and my "modern" cloth diapering adventure began. I started with the Fuzzibunz, then I found Kushies on line and got five of those. I was addicted and found my self jumping from baby store to baby store buying what I could. Kushies, Fuzzibunz and bumGenius.  Life got really interesting when I decided to look on-line. I found Diaper Pin Reviews and invested in every cute boy print I could find of a brand called Happy Heinys. (By the way this to date is my favorite.)

These diapers became my staple through two babies. I was a breastfeeding, cloth diapering baby wearing mama and had no clue I was even cool. Along came Twitter. Everyone had a hashtag # followed by clothdiapers. People were tweeting about clothdiapers. Wow! People were using cloth diapers, not just me???? Then a person Tweeted about Flip being in Walgreens #clothdiapers. What was that? I had to know. I opened the photo linked to the tweet and there it was..... Flip and bumGenius. It was cloth diapers. Holy cow!!!! Cloth diapers in a drug store. I had to have a Flip.

It was amazing, that Flip. It was first a cover that worked with an insert that didn't need to be in a pocket. Oh and it was made by the same people who made bumGenius. I knew what they were. Cloth diapers were evolving. I fell in such deep love with the Flip I converted my entire stash in to seven Flip diapers, their stay dry liners and disposable inserts. I bought them all at the same store.

Then I  found Etsy. Handmade items. My husband was the biggest fan of a flannel blanket I make. He told me to make some and sell them. Well I made a bunch and never sold one. I had a good review on a blog. I gave a few away a noticed there was so much more on social networks around cloth diapers than snuggling blankets big enough for your preschooler. I gave up on my handmade store. Started getting sick and was invited to try out some trainers by the shop I bought all my Flips from. It was so much fun seeing all the different trainers. I was desperate to find a way to supplement money since I couldn't work as hard and opened Lovely Eco Chic.

Here we are....my chance to share my love of learning, finding better solutions and raising my family as chemical free as I can.

Here it is. These new cloth diapers amaze me. The fabrics used, the inserts, the design of the diapers I'm intrigued with something new daily. My baby is almost too big for diapers. He wears them at night. I wont be having another baby.  Lucky for me I am targeting finding more and more products for kids and adults. Finding out more about Green living around the house and in the garden.  Still interested just enough to strive to find you the easiest ways to start you sustainable foundation to a healthy natural life. Alright a lot.

Between you and me let's grow together. I'll keep ordering new products. Touching, feeling, reviewing and passing around to bloggers to review so you can take the guess work out of smart choices. Live you life easy. Green with class.

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