October 29, 2011

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Last @YouARELovedTSS touches my heart daily with there work in bringing awareness to a saving women our sisters from Toxic Shock Syndrome. I will donate a 20% of what ever is spent that includes Cloth Pads and Ruby's Red Wash the rest of 2011 to you-are-loved.org. 10/28/11 to 12/31/11. I there ever was a time to give up your tampon and save your life it's today.  Feel free to share your purchase. Spread the word.
My motivation is I have two preteens about to be ladies soon. I couldn't imagine a story like any of the features here happening to either of them. What's your motivation?


Lisa Elifritz said...

My daughter died of tampon related TSS last summer; she was diligent about hygiene, used only regular tampons and changed very often for fear of TSS. If you are young (under 30) you most likely don't yet have the antibodies against the toxins so please use 100% cotton tampons only. It's rayon in the tampons that make toxins. Toxin production begins 2 hours after putting in a tampon and changing tampons doesn't remove it; it waits inside for the next tampon to keep getting stronger. Your body needs 8 hours tampon free to let this toxin dissipate. This is why you should never, ever sleep in a tampon.
Scientific evidence proves that 100% cotton tampons produce no toxins and are totally safe. These are available at health food stores and online.
In memory of Amy Rae Elifritz 10/16/89 - 6/13/10

Lovely Eco Chic said...

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing. That's my biggest fear loosing a daughter. My heart goes out to you.