December 30, 2011

What goes into our thoughts on product selection?

You will notice our selection of products is not your typical selection. In fact some may say it's limited. We are OK with that. Be hind each product you can purchase at Lovely Eco Chic there is a lot of thought, tests and research.

We keep in mind these values when selecting products:
  1. Our the people making these products treated fairly?
  2. Our the products sustainable?
  3. What kind of carbon foot print will we leave behind?
  4. Are they easy to use?
We send products off to testers as well as testing our selves.  We do blogger reviews. We research the companies we work with.  The larger companies we like for them to be part of  Give Back program. Eg. Autism Speaks, the Smile Project, March for Babies.

Our most recent research is with "disposable" options. Most of us have heard that diapers sit in the dump and never compost. There are some companies out there who are making changing in this area. Flip has a bamboo pulp liner you can use in their diaper covers. GroVia has a Bio soaker and a disposable diaper. Bamboo nature has a line of disposable options from birth right through potty learning.

We have done our own research from the ground up. First we composted liners. Flip will compost 100%, Grovia bio soakers will compost all but the elastic.  I chatted briefly with Bamboo Natural all the reasons composting diapers is not OK at home.

We took it a step further. If your business is poop you should get to know it. I took a tour of the sanitation district and what happens after we flush the toilet.  I'll get the main question out of the way. Yes it was a stinky tour.

Cloth diapering or disposable diapering it's been recommended to flush the solid waste. The solid waste then is taken to be treated. They have great machines that then separate your solid waste from the liquid waste. The solid waste is then spread on top of  the dump where your household canned garbage goes, to assist with the decomposition of our trash.

Here's one of the only times you will hear me tell you it's OK to throw away. Biodegradable disposable options such as Nature Bamboo and GroVia actually help break down the waste in the dump. There are nematodes that assist them in the process that live off our waste and your babies waste. No it's not clean or reusable how ever the carbon foot print you leave behind using a paper option is not nearly as bad as the main stream diaper manufactures.

I support 100% any parent who is trying to do a better job to keep their baby Green. The truth is day cares and preschool don't have a lot of knowledge about cloth diapering, some wont allow it and you may have to fight a battle. I did! If this battle isn't your priority Lovely Eco Chic will be carrying disposable options for you to choose from. Choices that I can sleep better knowing you have good product available to you.

Disposable choice will be posted with in the coming months both as a shop purchase and as a No thinking option where you sign up and we ship on a regular schedule. This is to prevent that quick trip to the local super market and the non biodegradable options you may only have the choice of.

Hopefully this help some of you! Please register on the home page for the new letter and you'll be the first to know the  Earth Friendly Disposable options have arrived.


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