May 12, 2012

Experiment Day 4

First Test dumping 4 ounces of water showed Hiney Liney and Thirsties Duo to be most absorbent and the outside of the cover stayed dry.
Second test showed Geffen Baby, bumGenius, Incredibum, and Thirsties Duo holding more than half of their weight dry in liquid right out of the top loader washing machine.

Test 3-
This test is timed. We assemble all the diapers on the largest setting. We poured 4 ounces of water in a one gallon Planet Wise food storage bag. Turning the diaper inside out and dipping the diaper in the liquid for 5 minutes here are the results we got.

  • GroVia Shell and Hemp Cotton blend soaker - left 50ml in the bag, the cover was dry.
  • Incredibum -absorbed all 4 ounces cover around the legs are wet.
  • Babykicks 3G - absorbed all 4 ounces, cover wet around legs.
  • Hiney Lineys Versa - absorbed all 4 ounces and the cover is dry.
  • bum Genius 4.0 - left less than 2.5 ml in the bag, around the leg was wet.
  • Thirsties Duo -absorbent all 4 ounces with a dry cover
  • Happy Heinys OS w/ Geffen Baby hemp/cotton fleece prefold - absorbed all 4 ounces and cover was dry.
We decided at the end of this test for the diapers where all the liquid was absorbed to add an additional 4 ounces to the bag. Leaving the diaper inside out to measure the run off after 5 minutes. We will repeat this test starting with 8 ounces of water to verify the results were accurate after rewashing and drying the diapers.

  • Happy Heiny w/Geffen Baby prefold -absorbed all of the additional 4 ounces. The cover was wet.
  • Hiney Liney - absorbed all of the additional 4 ounces. The cover remained dry.
  • Thirsties Duo - absorbed all of the additional 4 ounces. The cover was completely soaked through.

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