May 12, 2012

Experiment Day 3

As it stands currently Hiney Lineys and Thirsties Duo are the most absorbent holding 4 ounces in our first test with a dry cover. I found out that Mini Maestro has a new insert 5 layers (bamboo / flannel / zorb / flannel / bamboo) I should be testing. They are gracious enough to being shipping me one to try. Once recieved I will be updating older post  and this with the results in Red.  I can't wait to see how they rank knowing and seeing how thirsty both bamboo and zorb both are.

This is a list of weight changes between being Dry and Right out of the washing machine. Inserts  absorbency listed only. All diaper were washed in the wash of a top loader with 2 cold water rinses.

Wet/Dry/Difference (absorbed weight)

  • Geffen Baby Fleece Prefold -                               8.35 oz 4.00 oz 4.35 oz
  • Babykicks One size Joey -                                    4.25 oz 2.35 oz  1.9oz
  • bumGenuis Staydry -                                           4.55 oz  2.10 oz   2.45 oz
  • Zorb II -                                                                6.50 oz  3.35 oz  3.15 oz
  • Incredibum-                                                          3.95 oz   1.95 oz  2.00 oz
  • Thirsties Duo Insert                                              6.75oz 3.35 oz  3.40 oz
  • GroVia Hemp Cotton blend Soaker Pad              4.80 oz 3.00 oz 1.80 oz
Our next test we are going to pour 4 ounces of water in the bag and turn the diaper inside out an submerge in the liquid for 5 minutes to see how much is collected. Take a guess what you think will absorb the most. A random winner will be selected for a $10 gift certificate. You don't need a correct answer to win.

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    kay said...

    I am going with the thristies duo this time