July 16, 2012

Build Your Own Rental or Rent to Own

Here's a way for you to prepay and get exactly the stash you want if you want to rent or purchase.

With this Plan there is no Deposit. You choose the diaper package you'd like. We will contact you with the color and size selections and the choose to rent or rent-to-own and send you a bundle of diapers to care for while you diaper your baby.  You can rent as many diapers as you'd like as long as they are in bundles of 6.

The first block of time is 4 months you can prepay or be invoiced for any time following. Buying extra time in bulk will say you money. You can also purchase a discounted care package with this rental plan.*

This is a great plan for those of you who like sized diapers and don't like the cost purchasing a stash after each growth spurt baby with have those first few years. Just start exchange for a bigger size. Unused credit will be applied to the new size of diaper rental. All brands we use have been customer tested and loved. If you need help choosing email or call. Always happy to help.

{All Rent-to Own are guaranteed new/unused/prepared diapers. All rentals are guaranteed at least 4 new diapers. Used diapers will be in clean, sanitized and preped condition.}

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