July 31, 2012

Incredibum Hojas Desechables para Pañales de Tela: Reseña y Sorteo

Incredibum Disposable Diapers Sheets Fabric: Review and Giveaway

Thanks to Eco Chic Lovely had the opportunity to test disposable blades for my cloth diapers. It's my first time using disposable blades with my diapers. Disposable sheets sent me for this review are those of Incredibum.

The leaves are disposable Incredibum made from 100% natural bamboo fibers. They have no fragrance or dye. Because they are made from natural fibers do not contain chemicals.

The leaves are wrapped disposable Incredibum like a scroll. You can start using the leaves roll from outside or inside. I started on the inside of the roll. Each sheet is separated by a perforated line. The scroll that I use disposable blades was 100.

Disposable sheets are very easy to use. Nothing more you get one and you put it on the cloth diaper which are usually solids and you put the cloth diaper on your baby as you normally would. When you change a dirty diaper disposable remove the blade and you can throw in the trash or toilet.

What I like is that Incredibum disposable blades are very easy to use. If you put it in the diaper very well to retain solids. Right now my baby is not always so hard solids retained all but still helped out because too dirty diapers. My baby also moves a lot and then not always consistently remained solid in the blades, but as I said before still helps to keep both the soiled cloth diapers.

I really liked the leaves Incredibum disposable are made of natural fibers. For me it is very important that whatever I put in my baby bubble does not cause diaper rash. I had no problem with dermatitis on my baby bubble with disposable sheets Incredibum. I really liked that contains no chemicals because it is touching the skin of my baby.

I really liked using disposable blades Incredibum with my cloth diapers. I loved my cloth diapers stayed cleaner at the time of change and are made of bamboo. They are perfect if you want try to clean poop your diapers.

And now for the toss! If you liked what you saw of these disposable sheets, here's your chance to win one. There are some entries that are required and after filling gives you a chance to collect more entries. Good Luck!

Only for U.S.

The views expressed are 100% mine and based on my experience when using disposable blades for cloth diapers, did not receive any monetary compensation for test or give my opinion about the product. I was sent by mail a roll of disposable Incredibum hundred sheets to facilitate the review, which will not be returned. This post has been edited by others and did not receive monetary compensation for hosting the draw.

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