February 5, 2013

Care4 Cloth Giveaway & Fundraiser

Incredibum Review and Giveaway for MarysaJane #care4cloth

“Once upon a time there was a dear friend of mine who was choosing between food for her family and buying diapers for her baby. A woman on her local Craigslist.org saw her public outcry for help and gave her a small stash of used cloth diapers. When I had my baby and was trying to stay home with him as long as possible, she passed those same diapers on to me.”
This wonderful “Pay it Forward” story is what inspired my friend Mary at the Lovely Eco Chic cloth diaper store and rental program to start the MarysaJane program. The concept is very simple: a family who is struggling financially receives a cloth diaper package and contributes just $5 per month. This money helps to buy a set of diapers for another family in need. Families can keep the diapers they used or pass them along to someone else who could benefit. And Mary is the lady who keeps this wonderful program running smoothly. Would you like to help? The MarysaJane program accepts new and used diapers and accessories, plus donations through Paypal. If you send $1.33, Mary can add a prefold diaper to a family’s care package. If you send $7.00, she can bless one family with a brand new diaper cover!
To help spread the word about MarysaJane, and introduce us all to a great cloth diaper brand (which is featured in the diaper care packages), Mary sent us an Incredibum one-size “Bum Cover” and two of the new bamboo “Bum Pads.” They are made of a soft “fleecy” blend of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton.
The Bum Pads measure about 16×5 and can either be laid in the cover or tucked under the flaps. Fold either the front or the back to create more absorbency where you want it (i.e. for boys or girls):
So how are we liking our Incredibums?
The Bum Cover: The TPU fabric is thick and sturdy compared to some of my other one-size covers like Flips and Sweet Peas, but it’s not stiff at all. This seems like a cover that would hold up to lots of heavy usage and many washings. The double row of snaps to fasten the waist are a nice feature, as are the double gussets in the leg bands. Whether we use one or two of the bamboo pads, the fit is quite trim, as you can see from the photos on Susanna (18 months) below. The only drawback I noticed was the wings curl back when fastened, but that’s only an aesthetic issue. I’d say that for $12.95, they are a cute and budget-friendly option for any cloth diapering family. And Mary has put them on sale just for this event at 20% off, so they are now just $10.36 in her store! This special pricing is good until Feb. 28th.
Bum Pads: The bamboo/cotton blend feels kind of fleecy, so it’s soft and cozy and probably feels great to a baby. Because it’s a natural fiber, I washed and dried about 5 times to make sure it would absorb properly, and the results were really good. One insert alone will absorb for a couple of hours. Paired up they are comparable to a thick hemp prefold (like Geffen baby makes). Yet they are very trim and dry a little more quickly. At 5×16 they are a little wider than a standard microfiber insert or a prefold in thirds. That means the Bum Pads are better at keeping messes off the leg gussets, so we can reuse the cover after a change. The bamboo Bum Pads are very reasonably priced at $3.95 each, and are great for using with any diapering system – covers, pockets or even AI2′s.
And here’s the Bum Cover on 2 year old Samuel:
Incredibum also sells colorful wet bags and diaper shells with snap-in bamboo inserts:
I think the Incredibum system is cute, affordable and versatile. I hope they will add some more prints and colors to their line-up in the future.
And now…..two important announcements!!
There will be a giveaway from Lovely Eco Chic. Mary will send one lucky winner two Incredibum covers, plus two bamboo Bum Pads AND a small wet bag. What a wonderful package!!
And……(this is extremely important):
KEEP CHECKING BACK TO MONITOR THE IMAGE YOU SEE BELOW.Why? Because for every 1,000 entries received in the giveaway, my blog will donate an Incredibum cover to the MarysaJane project. What that means: your shares, pins, likes and tweets will help bring in more entries….and help more babies to get the cloth diapers that they need!
Let’s start out with ONE Bum Cover……


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