March 2, 2013

March for Babies Fundraiser and Giveaway!

Here's my story. I had a healthy baby girl in 2000 and was told I was lucky to have her. No more babies for me. Then 5 years later I had a miscarriage. I was sad and hopeful. Six month later I was pregnant and sick in the hospital week after week dehydrated and sick. We got to 34 week 5 days into the pregnancy and my baby stopped moving. The doctors decided to take the baby. My baby was absorbing amniotic fluid from his umbilical cord wrapping around him more than 5 times. Sonny was born blue and not breathing. It took him over an hour to be strong enough for his first weak cry. He was huge 8.1 pounds and lost an entire pound in the week stay in the NICU. I am thankful we only were there a week and over all Sonny has been a healthy active boy. Some of the babies there with us were nearly as lucky as we were. I walk every year for my Sonny and all the families we were is such a delicate place with. I hope with my efforts enough money for research will help more families avoid the NICU all together. This year I'm not walking. However I am helping promote a family who will be walking reach a goal of $1000 and I hope you will take a dollar or more and help this great organization help people that are just like you have healthy babies. ♥ Mary
Joann's family is who we're helping. Her story is a bit more intense than my own. Please take the time and read her story.  Joann is walking this year. She has set up a link through the March of Dimes where you can donate. All moneys go to research in bringing babies home. Click her to read her story and/or donate.

Here's where my help comes in to play. We are going to set bench marks of $50, $100, $200 and so on.Each time we hit one of those bench marks I'll draw a winner, send a prize and add a new prize up until the walk, You part is easy. Tweet about the cause link is in the rafflecopter. Share your own story. Donate! So many more families than just our small community will be helped by any small amount you can spare. 
 Let the fun begin! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just couldn't imagine if I didn't come home with my sweet baby boy. Trust me he thanks you too.

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