April 20, 2013

My adventures washing #clothdiapers in the laundry mat

I have had the pleasure of having a fabulous high-end washing machine for the last 17 years. The last few months she's been slowly breaking down. Last week she gave up on cold water and the repairman told us she was done.

We stopped our local delivery until my perfect machine is found. With the hundreds to choose from it could take a while. I'm learning HE at a laundry with my cloth diapers. There's a few things I'm finding out. Hot is not my 120 degrees. Power detergent makes a lot of suds and it can be pricey if you don't know what your doing.

This is one tablespoon of Eco Sprout in a HE front loader on a hot wash. As you can see there is a lot of bubbles and suds. This is the exact amount I would have added to my Old School washer.

My water never looked this soapy.  I was a bit worried the diapers wouldn't rinse clean.

My first trip to the laundry mat I ran two complete washes. One hot with a single rinse and one cold short wash. $3.75 was kind of steep for the 7 diapers my 4 year old using in a week. This week we tried a hot wash with a second rinse to see if it was enough.

Here's the first rinse. It left me very nervous I'd be doing and second wash. I could still see the soap. It look liked the soap in my top loader during the main wash. All I could think about was this machine isn't using enough water. It will NEVER rinse. Maybe I should rinse by hand in the sink?

I watched the machine like a Suspense thriller. The machine drained and flipped it fast one direction, stopped and flipped the diapers the opposite direction and started the second rinse.

To my pleasure the water was clear. The smell was fresh and my hand rubbing and squeezing the diapers to the touch I was unable to feel any residue. If there's no repelling rash I think I may have nailed down a successful laundry mat cloth diaper wash for $2.25.

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