October 10, 2013

Halloween Photo Contest win some Fun Fluff

I want to find a home for our Anibums Pumpkin cover before Halloween. I thought it would be fun to post falls pictures on our blog Today through next Thursday and choose a photo contest winner. Without being gender bias we'll choose a boy and a girl winner. Our boy winner will get an equal value item from our shop as I didn't think about a baby boy pumpkin. Sorry I had ruffles on the brain when I ordered. email photos to info@lovelyecochic.com photos will be published at night to http://lovelyecochic.blogspot.com/

**** A Tally will be taken of comments to chose the winner. Please this is family fun and anything considered rude or hurtful will be deleted and disqualify you from any giveaway Lovely Eco Chic hosts here or elsewhere

1 comment:

Midwest Cornfed Mom said...

I'm obligated to vote for my son ;)