June 25, 2013

OsoCozy Fitted Diaper Review (reviewed/written by Kelly Skubisz)

One of the reasons I initially switched to cloth diapers was because I could not find a disposable diaper that would keep my 1-year-old son dry at night. After experimenting and failing with all-in-one (AIO) diapers and pocket diapers, stuffed with every type of insert I could get my hands on, I finally found the solution for my heavy wetter - fitted diapers! I was so pleased with how well they worked at night that began using them quite often during the day. So needless to say, I was very pleased to have the opportunity to use and review the OsoCozy fitted diaper.

The OsoCozy fitted diaper is constructed of three layers of birdseye cotton and an interior flannel pad consisting of 6-7 layers of absorbency. It is available in snap and hook/loop closures and in sizes ranging from small to toddler sized. Fitted diapers do require a cover to be waterproof. This review is of the snap closure, toddler sized diaper, tested on my 2 year old, 28 lb toddler. The toddler size fits from 25-35 lbs.

This diaper does require prepping to reach maximum absorbency. My first use was after only 3 washes, and the exterior of the diaper became damp very quickly. However, after each subsequent wash, I noticed a marked improvement in performance. I would recommend at least 5 washes before initial use.

Lots of absorbency in there! 

I tested the OsoCosy on my son during normal daytime activity, naptime, and overnight. Daytime use was a breeze. The snap closures are easy to use, and very secure with a toddler who sometimes likes to undo Velcro diapers! During the day, I always let him go coverless and I love how breathable yet absorbent fitteds are. The only trouble I had when my son wore the OsoCozy during the day was wing droop. One more hip snap would've been ideal, but I have difficulty in general finding a diaper that fits my son well because of his skinny waist and chunky thighs.

 Snapped up and ready to go! 

I loved the OsoCozy for naptime. I had been having leaking issues with my go-to naptime diaper before I tested this fitted, so I was thrilled to have a potential nap solution. The first day we used it during naptime, I put a fleece cover over the fitted and crossed my fingers. At the end of his nap, dry sheets!

Nighttime is always a challenge around here! I must admit, I was nervous to try the OsoCozy overnight. With any fitted I use on my son overnight, I always add an extra soaker to boost absorbency (in this case, I used one made of organic bamboo fleece), a separate fleece liner to keep his skin dry, and a knitted wool soaker or shorties on top. I was thrilled to find dry sheets in the morning, and the outside of the wool soaker wasn't even damp! When I removed the OsoCozy, it was soaked! I was quite impressed with how much it held.

Great fit around chunky legs! No gaps! 

The OsoCozy is a great option for those who need the absorbency of a fitted at an affordable price. The only drawback for me was the fit. I had trouble with wing droop if he wore it while he was walking or playing, although I mostly used this diaper for sleeping. I would recommend anyone with a heavy wetter give an OzoCosy a try! 

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